One Small Step for Home Renovations

In my last post I detailed a rather long list of things we needed done around the house to insure my joy in our first home remained. We finally got the first item checked off the list!!

We got our well replaced which, although a small step was incredibly painful on the wallet. On the plus side we no longer have to shower in murky swamp water that came right out of our faucets. Aw shucks a little further from nature. I really am so grateful to have it out of the way and to see the kid’s baths run clear warm water. Next in order to eliminate all the rust and also the high probability of a burst pipe is to replace our 80 year old plumbing which I believe is copper; I’m not entirely sure of that though.

I also have to give my amazing husband credit for continuing to remove wallpaper while he also works almost 7 days a week. He truly is outstanding! I found out the hard way I am rather allergic to downy softener which is what we were mixing with water in our spray bottle to loosen the paper. :O Let’s just say that I big itchy rash showed up on my collar bone and still does whenever he uses the spray bottle. Itchy Much? We are almost ready to paint the kitchen and after a small bit of sanding we will be ready to finally paint the entryway wall we put up to keep the kids off the basement stairs. So close!!

I am so grateful to y’all for keeping up with my shenanigans thank you so very much. I cannot wait to share the final product! I’m sure there will be plenty of adventures to share before then. ❤


Sidwell Sanctuary

It has been quite a while since I wrote last. My computer decided to bite the dust and after a new screen & hard drive my love is back in my hands. Sadly without 8+ years of photographs, movies, & music. Sad day that was.

Now that I have her back the very first thing I knew I wanted to do was write for you folks. Lately I have been thinking a lot about the future. My husband & I have decided our family is big enough & now we want to focus on paying off our debts & building our dream house. I made a very large dream board that sits above my desk & It reminds me every day why I keep going to class & working my businesses.

We have already done our looking and found the most beautiful farm house. It has a wrap around porch & the plantation style pillars to support it. It’s absolutely gorgeous. I am a creative mind so of course I can’t leave the original floor plan. I have started building a plan that will fit our family & our needs. I am so excited to be working on this project & the sooner it is a reality the better! My husband & I have known for a long time that we wanted a farm & to survive off that land all on our own. I know it won’t be exactly as we dreamed but we each have our checklist. Below are our biggest goals.

Jay’s list: a huge garden, chickens, a cow, goats, a wind mill to self power our home & land, a wood working garage/barn, library

My List: A room for everyone & a spare bedroom for guests, a room for office & craft projects, pool & sauna (where I spend most of my gym time!), animal rehab, Horses, a koi pond, a relaxing porch swing, & last but not least a play set for my kids.

That may seem like a lot but as far as dreams go, dream big or go home right? I want to know what you’re dreaming for. Is it a home of your own? To be able to pay the bills in the same month? Or just to grocery shop without having to keep track of what you’re spending? Shout it out in the comments I can’t wait to hear from you!!!

As always thank you for reading & I love y’all!


If You Own a Business, Build It Up

2-5years to get rich

I have worked for a handful of Mutli Level Marketing or Direct Sales companies. I HATE when I get a random message from someone saying “Hi, I know this is random but I work for so & so would you like to place an order?” I am not a purse.

I don’t want to feel like I’m only good for my money, no one does. I take pride in building up relationships & making new friends. I see every person as a potential friend & doorway. From a business perspective: if you can’t order from me then you know people who might be interested in doing so. As a mom and wife I am thinking hey new friend & potential shoulder if I or they need someone to talk to.

Time brings you experience & so does research! No business was built overnight. Like the quote says it takes 2-5 years to build a successful business you can get rich on. Even most reps will tell you to give it a year to become steady. People want to know they can rely on you. They want proof that you’re not going to just use them & move on. People want connection as well as getting the things or services they need.

Please the next time you are going to do a power hour, cold messaging, or just working that business on the customer side at all….be polite & be friendly. Think long run not instant gratification guys.

I love y’all & I am more than happy to help you build your business even if it’s not with Tyra Beauty (my cosmetics MLM) Let’s build a better business AND a better world!

What Are We Hoping For?


As a child we are given the gift of hope and imagination. We wait impatiently for Christmas and Easter and even for the Tooth-fairy. As we grow we lose that belief, not just in fantasy or imagination but in ourselves. My parents didn’t tell me Santa isn’t real I figured it out somewhere along the line like most kids. This leads me to believe that living life has taken the joy and hope out of us. We get our first job and slowly we get a phone bill, a car payment or gas bill. Somewhere we decide that paying bills and working is more important that imagination, hope, or joy.

How many of you enjoy your job? How many of us as adults actually still put the holiday gifts out and for a few minutes enjoy the beautiful sight of a tree with perfectly wrapped presents and hope for just a second with all our hearts that Santa would come again? Do you miss that hope? The imagination it took to keep believing? What about the joy in your life? Are you still joyful like a young child? I read that a child will laugh 300 times a day compared to an adult’s 4 times. Whether that is true or not it still means that kids are happier than us! Granted they don’t have bills or things to stress about the way we do but still.

I wonder if it weren’t for hope or believing in love would we be able to live? We work so hard and I know we miss out on a lot since we have to be there most days. I can’t imagine going through life without my husband. Without the love of my friends or hope that the future will be brighter. I never thought I would be working from home but to be honest I am so happy I do! I can go where and when I want. I can work when I want and take a break when I want. I can vacation at the drop of a hat! Back to what I was saying though, we were taught as kids to hope, imagine, love, dream, and be joyful! Which of these do we still have today? Why are we raised to hope for things? What does it give us as adults? What are YOU hoping for?

The Lady of The Flies

Well someone in the house went & did the silliest thing I have seen in a while. Grandpa went & bought an electric fly swatter. The ones that look like a tennis racket….Lord if I had known what I was in store for I would have bought one a long time ago!

We currently have no screen door on the front or on our sliding glass doors in back. Therefore, when the doors get left open for any number of seconds (it seems) we get our very own swarm. These awful bugs of course don’t stay in one room. No they have to take over the whole house!

Well as morbid as it may seem using this new fly zapper to rid our home of pests is WAY more fun then advertised! While using this item you can be sure to experience the satisfying zap sound while working on your back swing.

The house has little to no survivors….my sanity survives another day.


To Teach Our Children Hope

I have been listening to a lot of Disney on Pandora lately. My kids love it & on a bad day it is an instant peace maker. It has gotten me to thinking quite a bit though. Fairy tales have changed considerably! From love at first site to adventure, today’s fairy tales are telling a whole lot of truth.

I thought that I would be the kind of mom who would teach my kids about reality. I didn’t want to sugar coat the way life truly is, if only to avoid disappointment & hurt when they got out in the world. For most of their childhoods I have lived by that. I didn’t want them to grow up thinking they could be ANYTHING when that wasn’t literally possible. I heard a quote a while back that completely changed my way of thinking.

I have searched the internet & not been able to find this quote but in essence it was saying by teaching children about imagining, dreaming, & helping them to believe for as long as possible[in Santa & such], we are teaching them to use their imagination to cope with reality later on.

We are giving them the skills to escape the frustrations, heartache, & sadness even for just a little while, so that when they have to wake up for work or school the next day they are refreshed & hopeful again! Plus having a strong imagination makes a lot of things more fun, like reading. Reading is a great escape on a rough day.

I am now helping my kids to hold onto to fantasy, dreams, hope, and imagination as long as possible. Innocence can make a difference.20141008_160705.jpg


I have been thinking a lot lately about how most of us are damaged goods in one way or another. This isn’t a bad thing really, just a fact. We have all been through something unsatisfactory in our lives, it’s just part of growing up.

I’m sad to think that because of my damage I put my husband through a lot of unnecessary suffering. I have lost more than my fair share of people in my life. All I really knew growing up was family dying or walking away. I didn’t have friends really. I had one girl who always wanted to hang out but looking back I was her scape goat.  By the time I met my husband I was sure he was going to leave me & so I pushed him away time and time again. Eventually I realized he wasn’t going anywhere. I wonder if, had my childhood been better, would I have acted in such a way? Could I have avoided all the hurt?

When I look at the cards my husband has been handed it seems like we were meant to find each other. He has suffered losses and let downs just the same as I have. I can’t estimate how many of us got through life so far unscathed. I just wish there were more of us.

Thinking about the people who did manage to get through without much trouble, I have to ask, is it fair that they are going to receive damaged goods? I like to believe that they choose a person who is perfect for them regardless of what said person has been through. Maybe no one has made it through life thus far without some kind of suffering or damage.

I can’t speak for everyone but I feel like God has picked out someone for each of us and the things we go through in life are just building us stronger for the person he has chosen. Each lesson or trial we face is giving us understanding for something our partner has gone through. Each trial we face also makes us a stronger person for the future he has planned for us.

Remember, He has a plan for us greater even then we could imagine.